Many people already transformed their lives .. you can too!

"Kamil is a very calming and intuitive person and I immediately felt very comfortable with him. After only a few sessions I had a major breakthrough that has changed my life. Thank you Kamil."

/Maureen MCGlynn/

"Kamil is a very intelligent, knowledgeable, kind, caring individual and it's without any reservation that I recommend Kamil to anybody looking into engaging in Hypnotherapy experience with a skillful Hypnotherapist."

/Shala Sobhani MD/

"I have always had issues with stress and self-doubt, but after a session with Kamil I feel re-energised, focused, and calm. He is such a positive force. I would recommend him to anyone and I will continue to see him as a therapist."


"Roshni is a highly skilled and experienced reiki healer and hypnotherapist. I have been seeing her regularly for over 2 years now and it has made a massively positive impact on my life. She has a unique approach by using a hypnotherapy/reiki hybrid that's very powerful. She's very knowledgeable in her craft and I always leave my sessions feeling better than when I came in. I highly recommend her to my friends all of the time and rave about the positive benefits I've experienced from investing in my spiritual healing and growth."


"I had the pleasure to meet and know Roshni some time ago. I had three rich sessions with her. She did Reiki and a couple of regressions on me. She was amazing, I really felt cared about, she put all herself in the two hours she spent with me and I could feel it. She also has the natural gift of making people feel listened and calm. She is also extremely sensitive and could 'read' my thoughts and feelings on the spot. Thank you, Roshni"


"My knowledge of Reiki and hypnotherapy was quite limited before I met Roshni. I didn't know if my work related problems could be solved with Reiki and hypnotherapy. I just knew that i was stressed, unclear with what i wanted professionally and not happy. I tried talking to a psychologist at a hospital and all i got was a prescription for anti-depressants. I didn't want to be dependent on these medications at this age, in fact at any age. So i decided to try Reiki and hypnotherapy...and i can proudly say, that this has been one of the best decisions of my life. I suddenly realized how much there is to healing, self development, stress reduction and happiness through Reiki and hypnotherapy. Roshni changed my life for the better. She helped with with setting clearer direction professionally and become more clearer of what i wanted personally. The combination of both was made me less stressed, more relaxed, happier and most importantly clear about what i want in the future work wise. I can honestly say that without Roshni's help through Reiki and hypnotherapy, i would not be prepared to deal with challenges at work and life they way i am now. i would not be happy and calm as i am now. I am super grateful to have met Roshni and to experience such inspiration and healing from her. I cannot recommend Roshni enough!"

/S.S. Thakral/

"I had a past life regression hypnotherapy with Roshni with the unique intention to connect with experiences that could lead me to understand my own purpose and talent. It would be difficult to describe the step by step process through which you are guided. What I can say however, is Roshni's trained and compassionate approach provides an environment that is very safe and nurturing and full of understanding. There is no judgment and the session becomes an open field in order to fully express yourself and who you are, without fear. I often return to this deep experience. It is a beautiful moment to meet yourself at a fundamental level, without the layers of expectation clouding your judgment. If you are feeling that you wish to deepen your understanding of your own inner workings, discover and move beyond your blockages or just simply to explore an approach that is creative, imaginative but also very professional, then I implore you to go see Roshni. You are in good hands."

/Emily Bour/

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