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How Hypnosis can Help you Accelerate Healing of the Body

It is well documented that while under general anesthesia, a person still hears what is being said and is generally aware of what is going on around them at the subconscious level.

Under general anesthesia, the client lacks the benefit of the conscious mind and critical factor filtering mechanism. Therefore incoming statements are not analyzed before being accepted. The client can listen to a looping audiotape during surgery to avoid any potential deleterious suggestions during the procedure.

Research shows that when hypnosis is used prior to surgery, hospital stays are reduced through faster healing. A university of California Davis 1997 study shows that the average hospital stay is reduced by 1.5 days when hypnosis was used a preparation for surgery. Other studies estimate 1-3 days.

Suggestions include faster healing, increased immune function, action steps for post-surgery recovery, body compliance with prescribed medications, enlisting creative intelligence in the healing process and many more.

Session type 1 session 3 sessions 6 sessions
General & Clinical Hypnotherapy 3000 THB 2800 THB 2500 THB
Past Life & Natal Regression (60-90min) 3000 THB  ------  ------

*All costs are per session! The "3 sessions package" is valid for 60 days, and "6 sessions package" is valid for 90 days only. Both offers are non-transferrable and non-refundable.

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